A Welcome from S.D. O'Donnell

Thanks for checking out my web site. Hopefully, you've just read Deadly Memories or Shadow Journey and want to find out more about me and my work. This is the place!

I'm still working on Deadly Bayou. It's shaping up to be a good story but I haven't been able to carve out quality time of late for writing. Sign up for my mailing list and I'll send you an update when I have a better idea of the scheduling for this project.

And thanks for the interest. It makes plugging away on the next book worth the while.

Shadow Journey A Winner

Great news. The short story Shadow Journey: A Mrs. Blackstone Story is a winner in the Noisetrade Favorite New Author Contest. It's now available on Amazon for only .99. 

And if you like the story, and Mrs. Blackstone, read more about her and her friends in Deadly Memories.

Shadow Journey Released  

Mrs. Blackstone, a well-loved character from Deadly Memories, has been thinking about her past and that past has a secret. Read about it in the novella Shadow Journey. It's a different kind of phychological read from Deadly Memories but still a page turner. 

Available on Amazon for your Kindle. 

The Debut Novel

Deadly Memories is S.D. O’Donnell’s debut psychological suspense novel. Turn off the phone and close the door – you might not be able to put the book down. Here's what people are saying about it:

"Deadly Memories" is a riveting thriller that will more than keep the pages turning.  -- The Midwest Review

Though I like clever plots and great writing, it’s the characters that determine how much I’ll love a story in the end. And Deadly Memories has some very good characters. Good enough I’d love to see them in another novel, and another after that.  --  Niko Silvester for IndieReader

There is a subtle dark undertone which runs through from early on, and you aren't entirely sure, until the end, who it is directed to or why. Overall, the book is beautifully put together with well-rounded characters and a nice twist at the end. Really, this book is well worth a read.  --  Steven Daws for Reader's Favorite

Awards for Deadly Memories

Deadly Memories was a semi-finalist in The Kindle Book Reveiw's Top Mystery/Thriller of 2013 contest, was listed as one of The Twelve Most Memorable Debut Novels of 2013 by Author Exposure, and received the Indie-Reader Stamp of Approval.

Author's Note On Deadly Bayou

I 'm STILL hard at work on the second book in the Saul and Jayne series, Deadly Bayou. Recently spent an unbelievable two weeks in southern Louisiana doing research and can't wait to share this story with you. 

Planning a trip to that area? We lucked into a great B&B. The hosts were great. The house was great. The breakfast food was unbelievable. Try staying at Chez Felicite' in Raceland, LA, about 30 miles to the west of New Orleans. Want a dinner worthy of New Orleans without the crowds? Head into Thibodeaux (about 15 minutes from the B&B) to eat at Fremin's. Just don't expect anyone in the area to know how give directions, other than "up the bayou," "down the bayou," and "across the bayou."

As For the Rest ...

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I’ll also be posting a copy of the blues song referenced in Deadly Memories: Last Day, by Delta Deon Slade, as soon as Delta gets it to me. You can’t hear it anywhere but here and you’ll know right away when it’s available if you’re on my mailing list.

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